Bug Reporting

Before reporting a bug, you should probably check the Source Forge tracking lists described below to see if the bug is already reported and if a patch exists.

To report a bug, send an email to the apcupsd-users at lists.sourceforge.net email list. The previous address was modified to prevent easy use by spammers. To use it, you must replace the at with an @ symbol.

I get a number of “off-list” emails sent directly to me. Please always copy the appropriate list, if you do not copy the list, I may not answer, or I may answer by copying the list. If you really have something confidential, please clearly indicate it.


Information Needed

For us to respond to a bug report, we normally need the following as the minimum information:

  • Your operating system
  • The model and UPS cable you are using
  • The version of apcupsd you are using
  • A clear description of the problem

The first three of these items can be fulfilled by sending us a copy of your config.out file, which is in the main apcupsd source directory after you have done your ./configure.

In addition, we will sometimes need a copy of your apcupsd configuration file. If you think it is a configuration problem, please don’t hesitate to send it preferably as an attachment.