Please keep in mind that we are not getting paid for this, and since the project is rather mature, there is less active development, which means that activity and support on the mailing list can be light. Apcupsd is, however, being maintained, and it is our desire to see as many people using it as possible.

Read the Manual

Before sending a request for help, please at least try to read the manual. If it is obvious you have not tried to find the information in the manual, you won’t have done your part of the work, and consequently, you may not get an answer to your request for help.

If you have a USB UPS, please see the following section of the manual before sending a request for help as it contains all the information we know about resolving USB problems.

Getting Help

If you send an email to the apcupsd-users (@) email list, and your support request is well defined, most likely some kind user will help you. Regrettably, because of spam attacks, we have had to require you to be subscribed in order to send email to it.

Please see Information Needed below for what to include in your support request.

I (Kern) get a number of “off-list” emails sent directly to me. Please always copy the appropriate list, if you do not copy the list, I may not answer you, or I will answer by copying the list. If you really have something confidential, please clearly indicate it.

Information Needed

For us to respond to a support request, we normally need the following as the minimum information:

  • Your operating system
  • The version of apcupsd you are using
  • The model and UPS cable you are using
  • A clear description of the problem

The first three of these items can be fulfilled by sending us a copy of your config.out file, which is in the main apcupsd source directory after you have done your ./configure.

In addition, we will often need a copy of your apcupsd configuration file. If you think it is a configuration problem, please don’t hesitate to send them preferably as an attachment.